Kia and Charlie


“It’s right next to me, isn’t it?”  Pretty sure that is what she thinks every time she looks at me like that. These two are basically the same age.  Charlie the pug (not a rescue) and Kia (the Husky mix)  a rescue dog.  She actually had to live in a car because the person who had her was homeless and when invited to live with a relative was not allowed to bring her indoors.  And let me tell you, it gets awfully cold in Oregon in the winter.  Poor baby.  Personally, I think it was because of a little issue she had.  Evidently it is common for Huskies to have a tiny bladder control issue after they have been spayed.  When we rescued her from her situation and brought her home, occasionally she would have a tiny accident when she got up from laying down.  We were concerned and upped our efforts to make sure she pottied outside more, etc. but this didn’t solve the problem.  So off to the vet we went.  Dr. Lorraine let us know about the slight incontinence issue that can occur after the spaying and she recommended a teeny tiny little pill taken twice a week.  Voila!  Fixed!  No Problems!!  So, if your furbaby is having an issue – have them checked for this!  Super simple fix and everyone is so much happier!