RIP Sir Charles Pugsley 06/2005 – 04/2017

We lost Charlie on 04/11/2017. He could be the MOST obnoxious dog at times but he still had his super cute moments. I will regale you with one of those “Charlie” moments.

When Charlie still used to go to work with me way back when, we were traveling in the Yukon. I was driving and Charlie was my only passenger. I would normally lock the windows because the idiot would step on the button and roll the window down. And if you also remember, he had fallen out once that way and face planted at work. Well, I must not have locked those window buttons because the next thing I knew the idiot was looking out the window and pressed the up button. Next thing I know, Charlie is “screaming” at the top of his lungs (which quite frankly isn’t too loud – he never was super loud – just obnoxious). He flops over onto the seat, all stiff legged, still screaming and slides off the seat to the front passenger floor board. Where if you can picture in your mind the “fainting goats” (straight legs, all stiff on their sides) Yep, he was laying completely stiff legged, on his side, screaming like an idiot. I had at this point pulled the Yukon over to the curb to assess the damages. I am also laughing so hard that I have tears coming out because the whole incident was way too comical to watch. I can only guess that he caught up a whisker in the window as it was closing because he didn’t have a neck long enough to actually get caught up. He was perfectly fine – no blood, no injuries, just too funny really.

We will miss you, you little monster.